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Frequently Asked Questions

LEVerne is an ethical and world standard compliant underwear brand for women. It was born out of the quest to address women’s crucial need to stay healthy, comfortable and appealing.

Our mission is to be the guardian of the most intimate and yet fragile part of a female’s body. With that in mind, all our underwear are infused with the most advanced antimicrobial technology to protect and empower women to lead their everyday life with dignity and without compromise.

Long hours of wearing underwear directly lead to the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Warm, dark and moist conditions down in your private parts are the most ideal breeding ground for bacterium cells to attain multiplication as they do exponentially into one billion cells from a single cell in just a span of 10 hours – that’s almost the duration you spend your day at the office.

Textiles are an ideal procreation field for disease-causing microbial classes to grow and reproduce at alarming speed.

UTI (urinary tract infection) is the most common septicity prevalent amongst women today. To treat such conditions, we adhere to consuming antibiotics that eventually drive microbial resistance and obliterate the natural flora of the vagina. This may lead to other infections such as Candidiasis  or Bacterial Vaginosis.

The urinary tract includes urethra, bladder, ureters and kidneys. When bacteria enter the urethra, it can travel to the bladder and eventually ascend to the kidneys if untreated, causing potentially life-threatening infections.

Other possible diseases include yeast infection in the vagina and around external genital areas. Predominantly caused by Candida albicans (a type of fungus), the common symptoms for yeast infection include unbearable itch, abnormal vaginal discharge and pain during urination or intercourse.

As a woman, your chance of getting a urinary tract infection, or UTI, is relatively high; with many women having repeat infections, sometimes for years. A main reason for this can be attributed to the unique female anatomy itself, where the urethra – the tube that transports urine from the bladder to the outside of the body – is located close to the anus. Underwear contains faecal matters and bacteria from the large intestine, such as E. coli, are in the perfect position to escape the anus and invade the urethra. From there, they can travel up to the bladder, and if the infection isn’t treated, continue to ascend to the kidneys. Women may be especially prone to UTIs because they have shorter urethras. The urethras become even shorter during sitting posture which allow bacteria quick access to the bladder where they multiply exponentially and form biofilms. UTIs are a key reason women are often told to wipe from front to back after using the bathroom.

To identify a UTI, keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

  • A burning feeling when you urinate
  • A frequent or intense urge to urinate, even though little   comes out when you do
  • Pain or pressure in your back or lower abdomen
  • Cloudy, dark, bloody, or strange-smelling urine
  • Feeling tired or shaky
  • Fever or chills (a sign the infection may have reached your kidneys)

Washing may not be the complete solution. Some bacteria can survive up to 60° C/140° F.

The most common treatment for UTI is antibiotics.

However, antibiotics have its drawbacks. Some disadvantages of antibiotics include potential drug interactions, frequent misuse, overuse and potential side effects. Additionally, widespread use of antibiotics can cause bacteria to evolve into antibiotic-resistant strains.

Overuse of antibiotics can also lead to destruction of friendly-bacteria in the genital tract, causing an upset to the natural flora of the vagina that may lead to vaginal infections such as Candidiasis and Bacterial Vaginosis. Remember, antibiotics does not offer a permanent protection. The possibility of infection recurrence is high (30-40% within 6 months).

LEVerne Underwear is impregnated with a revolutionary antimicrobial technology. We bring you laboratory tested innerwear that will be a dominant obstruction to the growth of harmful microbes causing infections. LEVerne protects you around the clock, breaking the detrimental chain of infectivity at source. Our underwear are meant for healthy, active and adventurous women who constantly love juggling their time between the many things they love to explore, learn and nurture.

Using advanced silver-ion technology from Europe, we have infused our unique formulation into our underwear. This stops the replication of harmful microbes through direct contact with the underwear.

During product development stage, we worked very closely with medical doctors, microbiologists, bio-chemists, clinical pharmacologist and also collaborated with leading technology providers and laboratories in Europe to bring you a unique formulation that is EPA and BPR-approved.* Safety being of paramount importance, our formulation is non-leaching and biologically-inert to human physiological system.

* EPA is the relevant regulator in the USA and BPR is the governing act in the EU.

Rigorous tests have been conducted in Europe on two broad spectrum of bacteria, i.e. gram positive bacteria (MRSA) and gram negative bacteria (E. coli) based on internationally-acclaimed test method of ISO 20473. We also tested against Candida Albicans, the fungus that cause yeast infection, based on ISO 20473.

To verify against durability, we have further subject our underwear to stringent washing tests under AATCC 61 (1A).*

Results showed extremely high antimicrobial efficacy and long lasting effectiveness.

*AATCC stands for American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists

To gain maximum benefits from LEVerne, the entire underwear is infused with our revolutionary antimicrobial technology treatment. We believe that the surrounding zone around your intimate area is equally important in safeguarding you from unwanted microbes and bacteria that could cause infection.

We use only 100% OEKO-TEX® certified fabric and raw materials to ensure our underwear is hypoallergenic and toxic-free.

Headquartered in Switzerland, OEKO-TEX® is the highest standard in the world on human-ecological safety. More than 200 tests have been conducted on potential carcinogens and allergens that may be present in the garments.

LEVerne is ideal for any woman. You can start wearing a LEVerne Underwear at your teenage years. Since UTIs and vaginal infections are very common in girls and women, anytime is the best time to wear LEVerne to protect yourself from such infections.

The care instructions are clearly stated on the packaging as well as on the undergarment. Please follow them carefully in order to maximise product longevity. We advise you to put your underwear in a delicate bag so the elastic doesn’t get caught or stretched, wash cold in the machine and dry out. If you want to prolong the life of your underwear, wash by hand.

In addition to wearing LEVerne, we strongly recommend you to practice the following to further minimise the risk of infections and lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Always wipe from front to back after using the toilet.
  • Don’t stop the urge to urinate. Do not delay going to the toilet when you need to.
  • Urinate before and immediately after sexual intercourse.
  • Avoid using spermicide-containing products (especially spermicide-containing diaphragm).
  • Do not douche. Douching removes some of the helpful bacteria in the vagina that protects you from infection.
  • Maintain good menstrual hygiene.
  • Ensure sufficient intake of probiotics.
  • Drink lots of fluid, particularly water, to flush out any bad bacteria.
  • Eat fruits containing phyto-nutrients that can increase your immunity to fight bacteria.
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet for better urogenital health.
  • Only use panty liners if they are really necessary. Change your panty liners often (do not use more than every 4 hours). Reports have shown that chemical content in panty liners may cause vaginal soreness, skin irritation and even UTI in some women.

As a brand that is driven by ethics, we use only sewing facility that is certified WRAP and BSCI.  Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education.

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within the factories and farms in their global supply chains. BSCI implements the principle international labor standards protecting workers’ rights.

Silver as a metal has significant health benefits that have been used across cultures for centuries. The benefits of silver are widely discussed in the scientific literature. Its historical uses are also well documented, and date back thousands of years. It is a very powerful antimicrobial agent that aids in cold and flu prevention, wound healing, and skin care. Silver also helps with overall body temperature balance, improve blood circulation and help maintain immunity. When applied in the right quantity and manner, silver also provides protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and other electronics. Silver has a long history in antibiotics and sterilisation to stave off infection, cold/flu symptoms, and any other viruses and bacteria.

As a brand that values people and the environment, we have made the decision to consciously AVOID silver nano technology in the production of our underwear.

Being a relatively new scientific application, nano silver has yet to be comprehensively tested. Because nanotechnology involves the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular levels, there are fears that such manipulation may pose some risks to the user and the environment. Although not conclusively proven, some researchers found that silver nanoparticles had a toxic effect on cells, suppressing cellular growth and multiplication and causing cell death depending on concentrations and duration of exposure, while some have been seen to cause cell type-specific DNA damage, with possible implications on reproductive health as well as environmental health.