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About Us

At LEVerne, our goal is pretty straightforward:

"To be the guardian of the most intimate and yet fragile part of a female’s body."

With such a mission driving us, we have created an underwear line with a unique difference. LEVerne underwear is infused with the most advanced antimicrobial technology with a designer aesthetic and quality to match.

Your Underwear May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Many women have been the victims of their own underwear since the day underwear was invented. Long hours of wearing underwear have its own intrinsic problem.

The main reason is the natural anatomy of women, making them more prone to be infected compared to men. In women, the opening of the urethra is closer to the vaginal area and anus, so bacteria are more likely to escape into the urethra and vagina passages with ease. If bacteria enter the urethra, women can easily contract Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), and if bacteria escape into the vagina, women are susceptible to contract vaginal infections.

Textiles provide an excellent medium for the adherence, transfer and proliferation of infection-causing microbial species. The warm, dark and moist conditions provide the best environment and nutrients for harmful microbes to multiply rapidly and infect wearers that can lead women to suffer from ailments such as UTIs and vaginal infections. This is made worse since underwear often contains faecal matters (toxic waste from body) that may carry pathogens excreted from our intestines – home to more than 800 species of microbes.

If UTIs are left unchecked, they can cause serious kidney injury which is life-threatening. In pregnant women, UTIs increase the risk of delivering low birth weight or premature babies.

Our lifestyle habits of improper wiping after urination and bowel movement, infrequent changing of underwear, usage of synthetic underwear material with many laces, wearing inappropriate underwear like thong and G-string and wearing close-fitting clothing can only compound irritation and infection. Administrating antibiotics is the most common treatment for now, but you know the drawbacks.

LEVerne is the solution for the women of today.

We offer you an underwear line that you’ve been looking for all the while: soft, sensuous, sturdy, breathable and fitting with the highest quality and form of protection – keeping you fresh and feeling good inside and outside, all the time.